So You’ve Submitted Your Apps… Now What?

The New Year not only brings a fresh start, but also an end to the grueling college application season. As you sit there twiddling your thumbs from anxiety, you may wonder what’s next? Here are some key things to do after your college application season to keep busy. 1. Send an email to the AO.Continue reading “So You’ve Submitted Your Apps… Now What?”

A College Essay About Writing a College Essay Part 2

PLUS IMPORTANT AND USEFUL TACTICS – BY: LEANN LEE Scrape. Metal chairs push and grind against the stone ground. Clink. Through the striped window, I stare, envious, at my peers reveling in their newfound freedom outside. bRrR. My mind wanders as the rough hum of machines and harsh fluorescent lighting blend into the chatter of theContinue reading “A College Essay About Writing a College Essay Part 2”

Networking 101 for High Schoolers

Imagine you’re sitting in a large circular room, surrounded by an infinite set of looming doors. Every couple years at irregular intervals a key will drop into your lap, allowing you to open only one of these infinite doors and forcing you into a new room with a new set of infinite doors. Now imagineContinue reading “Networking 101 for High Schoolers”

My SAT’s are delayed, now what?

How will colleges view standardized testing in an age of coronavirus? The novel coronavirus has upended all aspects of life and education as we know it. As every aspect of high schoolers educational experience is being moved into a virtual setting, prospective college applicants are left with one lingering question as they prepare to embarkContinue reading “My SAT’s are delayed, now what?”


By: Leann Lee For all intents and purposes, I was a very basic student in high school. My extracurriculars were laughably average. I did not invent a cure for cancer nor did I attend any prestigious nation, or even state-wide, competitions. In a school of 1300 students, I was far from even cracking into theContinue reading “BREAKING DOWN THE UCHICAGO UNCOMMON ESSAY: Tips and Tricks”

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