A (College) Essay About Writing (A College Essay)

I gazed into the whitewashed canvas that stubbornly occupied my computer screen. Two months and four drafts into my quest for that elusive “killer college essay,” I was back at square one. Zero words. Zero breakthroughs. Zero inspiration.  My first draft was a book-flap summary of my research for history fair. Boring. Next came anContinue reading “A (College) Essay About Writing (A College Essay)”

How to write a short and sweet letter to your AO!!

Just to be clear, there is no right way of approaching this letter, especially since those applying to special programs would inevitably have to tweak the letter’s format. With that said, any sort of “template” would work well as long as you prioritize courtesy and concision.  Here’s a very rough template for the AO letterContinue reading “How to write a short and sweet letter to your AO!!”

5 Tips That Will Help You ACE Your College Apps

No doubt, applying to college is a daunting prospect, partially because this four- or five-month long task is so incredibly complex. Aside from crafting your “perfect” essays, you are constantly juggling the ordeals of securing glowing rec letters, achieving impressive test scores, maintaining stellar academic records, acing interviews, bagging scholarship and financial aid applications, asContinue reading “5 Tips That Will Help You ACE Your College Apps”

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